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Concert Band Sheet Music

Jazz for Developing Concert Bands series

The new Barnhouse Jazz for Developing Concert Bands Series is the result of discussions with band directors who had two distinct problems. Problem #1: Many directors dont have time in the middle school schedule for jazz band rehearsals yet need to give their young players jazz instruction and experience before they go on to the high school level. Problem #2: Other directors have students who play instruments that arent usually included in the traditional jazz ensemble instrumentation who wish to learn to perform in classic jazz and pop styles. The Barnhouse Jazz for Developing Concert Bands Series allows all of the regular concert band instruments plus those instruments usually found in a Jazz ensemble rhythm section to be combined providing quality compositions for teaching common jazz styles and allowing flexible solo space for first attempts at improvised solos that can be attempted by any instrument. The Barnhouse Jazz for Developing Concert Bands Series charts may also be performed by a traditional Jazz Ensemble instrumentation with or without the added non-traditional instruments.

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Basin Street Barbeque

Grade: 3

Warm and Fuzzy

(P. Clark)
Grade: 3