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Woodwinds Of Mass Destruction cover.
#011-4606-00   Young Band

Woodwinds Of Mass Destruction

Matt Conaway
Released: 2017
Grade: 2½
Performance Time: 3:25
Series: Command

Ready for some musical “shock and awe?” Play on words aside, this is an excellent way to feature your entire woodwind section in a way that doesn’t ignore the rest of the band. A brief, ominous march soon gives way to a raucous display of fast trills and flourishes that show off what these instruments can do (even the bass woodwinds). Highly effective for all serious and light concert environments!

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  Stock # Price
011-4606-00 $59.00
Extra full score 011-4606-01 $7.00
Extra individual part (each) 011-4606-80 $3.00
CD: Blaze! WFR393 $14.95

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