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The Blues! cover.
#023-3776-00   Young Band

The Blues!

James Swearingen
Released: 2008
Grade: ½
Performance Time: 1:30
Series: Sound Foundations

Don't be surprised when your beginning band students repeatedly request over and over, “Can we play ‘The Blues'?” Based on a standard 12-bar blues progression, James Swearingen's "The Blues" gives students their first experience in America's very own musical art form….Jazz! It’s hip, cool and features each section of the band playing musical ideas based on only their first six notes and even the percussionists are given an opportunity to be in the musical spotlight. Guaranteed to be their absolute favorite piece in the band folder. Stand back and watch the fun unfold!
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  Stock # Price
023-3776-00 $40.00
Extra full score 023-3776-01 $5.00
Extra individual part (each) 023-3776-80 $3.00
CD: The Distant Castle WFR360 $14.95

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