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First Decree cover.
#023-4592-00   Young Band

First Decree

Robert W. Smith
Released: 2017
Grade: ½
Performance Time: 1:35
Series: Sound Foundations

A joyous and authoritative opening statement for the beginning band! Beginning with a flourish of woodwinds and metallic percussion, the brass section follows with a musical fanfare conveying confidence and pride in the band’s newfound musical skills. The percussion section provides a bold response completing the features of each instrumental family in the concert band. Composed using the first six notes introduced in most band methods, “First Decree” is an accessible and musical showcase for your beginning band.

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  Stock # Price
023-4592-00 $45.00
Extra full score 023-4592-01 $6.00
Extra individual part (each) 023-4592-80 $3.00
CD: Blaze! WFR393 $14.95

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