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Stick Shift cover.
#031-3083-00   Jazz Ensemble

Stick Shift

Andy Clark
Released: 2000
Grade: 2
Performance Time: 2:35

Very spirited drum feature for young bands that really rocks. Solid even with reduced instrumentation, full of short drum fill spots and then it has a “Wipe-Out” type drum solo section to really get the house rockin’. Tutti rhythms and solid scoring make it almost play itself. Will be your student’s and audiences favorite.

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  Stock # Price
031-3083-00 $42.00
Extra full score 031-3083-01 $6.00
Extra individual part (each) 031-3083-80 $3.00
CD: CLB Jazz Ensemble Recordings 2000-2001 Easy to Medium 991-2000-01 $9.95

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