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Return of the Cheetah cover.
#032-2672-00   Jazz Ensemble

Return of the Cheetah

Don Sebesky
Arranged by Andy Clark
Released: 1995
Grade: 3

Andy Clark’s arrangement of this funky Don Sebesky original is totally awesome! Great ensemble sections where every section gets a chance to rock and the dynamic shout chorus at the end is really special! Includes an open solo section for as many solos as you wish and the precisely notated rhythm parts will help your rhythm section get just the right feel. The team of Don Sebesky and Andy Clark have produced some great charts in the past and this one is one of their very best.

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  Stock # Price
032-2672-00 $50.00
Extra full score 032-2672-01 $4.00
Extra individual part (each) 032-2672-80 $3.00

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