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Adrenaline Attack cover.
#032-3619-00   Jazz Ensemble

Adrenaline Attack

Scott Stanton
Released: 2007
Grade: 3½
Performance Time: 4:08

Showcase your rhythm section while teaching the horns precision on this up tempo rocker for maturing bands. The drummer sets the stage while the chart builds from the opening forte brass fall as each section adds its own riff to the mix. A unison sax, piano, and guitar line provides a rhythmic transition to the open solo section and your soloists will sound great improvising on one easy minor pentatonic scale. The guitar helper part includes tablature for the unison lines and chord shape/performance suggestions. Optional 8va notes are provided for the lead trumpet on the out chorus. REALLY COOKS!

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  Stock # Price
032-3619-00 $50.00
Extra full score 032-3619-01 $7.00
Extra individual part (each) 032-3619-80 $3.00
CD: CLB Jazz Ensemble Recordings 2007-2008 Medium to Advanced 991-2007-02 $9.95

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