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The Twelve Days of Christmas cover.
#032-4029-00   Jazz Ensemble

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Arranged by Paul Clark
Released: 2011
Grade: 3
Performance Time: 2:48

Everybody in the band gets their own special "day" in this creative holiday rock arrangement of the familiar tune. The melody gets traded off from section to section in a fairly predictable way until it's the piano players turn. Then things change abruptly and some funky fun begins. This leads up to an open solo section over only 2 chords, and the background parts sound so good you could even omit the solos if desired. A few bars of piano sets up the melody again - this time in a canon - which leads to a big ending. At least 12 days of creativity in one fun and easy to prepare chart!

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  Stock # Price
032-4029-00 $48.00
Extra full score 032-4029-01 $7.00
Extra individual part (each) 032-4029-80 $3.00
CD: CLB: Jazz Ensemble Recordings 2011-2012 991-2011-01 $9.95

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