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Five Minutes a Day cover.
#073-2496-00x   Band Book/Method-Instruction

Five Minutes a Day

Andy Clark
Released: 1992

Start each of your rehearsals off on the right foot with Andy Clark’s "Five Minutes Aday" band Book. Each page of these exceptional books contains a five minute routine which warms up your band and readies them for your rehearsal. Every routine starts with a solidly scored chorale to get the lips vibrating and the horns warmed up. The second section is a technique exercise and the third works on tone production and tuning. By alternating which routines you use, you can alwaysprovide your group with work in the areas they need the most help and save your valuable rehearsal time in the process. A wonderful way to start your rehearsals with a minimum of muss and fuss and a maximum of learning.

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073-2496-00x $
Conductor book 073-2496-01 $9.95
Flute in C book 073-2496-04 $3.95
Bb Clarinet book 073-2496-08 $3.95
Eb Alto Saxophone book 073-2496-20 $3.95
Bb Tenor Saxophone book 073-2496-22 $3.95
Eb Baritone Saxophone book 073-2496-23 $3.95
Bb Trumpet book 073-2496-24 $3.95
F Horn book 073-2496-28 $3.95
Trombone book 073-2496-33 $3.95
Baritone T.C. book 073-2496-37 $3.95
Tuba book 073-2496-39 $3.95
Drums book 073-2496-41 $3.95
Oboe/Bells book 073-2496-42 $3.95

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