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#CO511x   Combo Book

First Gig Series Vol. 1

Andy Clark

The arrangements in The First Gig Series - Volume I are geared for the young players with very little combo experience. They are written to provide appealing and playable arrangements that are usable with varied and limited instrumentations. At the same time, they utilize basic pop and jazz figures and progressions. The experience gained by performing these tunes will provide a strong basic foundation to allow young players to move on to more advanced materials.

Playable by any size combo!

Friday Night Fever * 12th St, & Vine * Ol' Blue * Pitch In * Eight to Five

  Stock # Price
CO511x $
Bb instruments book CO511 $10.00
Eb instruments book CO512 $10.00
C instruments book CO513 $10.00
Bass Clef instruments book CO514 $10.00
Rhythm section book CO515 $12.00

All prices are in US Dollars.