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Yamaha Advantage #1 cover.
#PT-YBM101-00x   Band Book/Method-Instruction

Yamaha Advantage #1

Sandy Feldstein and Larry Clark

The Yamaha Advantage - Book 1
Innovative new approach
Stresses musicianship from day one
Builds ensemble musicians
Flexible starting systems with 3 ways to start Horn and Oboe
Musical Percussion presentation including Accessory instruments and Timpani
Enhanced CD included in each book containing play alongs as well as PDF files of extra music
Includes correlation to the National Standards in Arts Education

The Yamaha Advantage method is the first band method to create a supplemental online community to enhance the learning experience of students. The web site is designed to help students improve their musicianship and assist teachers in the implementation of this method, but most of all it is designed to be fun. The following link will take you to the play along tracks and downloads for Book 1. Be sure to explore the buttons at the top of the Yamaha Advantage page for supplemental materials, games and more information about this exciting method. Click here.
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  Stock # Price
PT-YBM101-00x $
Conductor book PT-YBM101-01 $49.95
Flute book PT-YBM102-04 $8.95
Oboe book PT-YBM103-03 $8.95
Bb Clarinet book PT-YBM104-08 $8.95
Eb Alto Clarinet book PT-YBM105-12 $8.95
Bb Bass Clarinet book PT-YBM106-13 $8.95
Bassoon book PT-YBM107-17 $8.95
Eb Alto Saxophone book PT-YBM108-20 $8.95
Bb Tenor Saxophone book PT-YBM109-22 $8.95
Eb Baritone Saxophone book PT-YBM110-23 $8.95
Bb Trumpet book PT-YBM111-24 $8.95
F Horn book PT-YBM112-28 $8.95
Trombone book PT-YBM113-33 $8.95
Baritone B.C. book PT-YBM114-38 $8.95
Baritone T.C. book PT-YBM115-37 $8.95
Tuba book PT-YBM116-39 $8.95
Keyboard Percussion book PT-YBM117-53 $8.95
Percussion (SD-BD) book PT-YBM118-41 $8.95
Combined Percussion book PT-YBM119-41 $12.95
Timpani book PT-YBM120-45 $8.95
Piano accompaniment book PT-YBM121-43 $12.95
2 CD accompaniment PT-YBM122-99 $12.95
Theory Workbook PT-YBM123-68 $4.95
Teacher's Resource book PT-YBM124-69 $24.95
Electric Bass book PT-YBM135-40 $8.95

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