The Multiple Percussionist

Julia Fraser


  • Year: 1983
  • Grade: 2.5
  • Brand: C.L. Barnhouse Co.

A collection of 15 Multi-percussion solos.
-recommended set-up for each solo
-a glossary of percussion instruments
-information on appropriate mallet selection
-helpful hints to prepare students for a variety of set-ups in orchestra or band music.

* Bottoms Up * Cowpokin’ in the Big Valley * Dos Old Bones * Double, Do Ya Too? * Fiesta De Las Encinas * The Garden * Gypsy * Humoresque * Jingle Jy-ray-sh’n * Marchacha * November Breeze * Show Time * Soft Shoes * Spare Change * Waltzing Suspenders

Bottoms Up
Spare Change
Soft Shoes
Show Time
November Breeze
Jingle Jy-ray-sh’n
The Garden
Fiesta De Las Encinas
Double, Do Ya Too?
Cowpokin’ In The Big Valley
Waltzing Suspenders
Dos Old Bones

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