Firth-Feldstein Percussion Series

Vic Firth and Sandy Feldstein

  • Brand: Sandy Feldstein's PlayinTime Productions

An historic event for Percussion Education combines the talents of two of the most well respected names in the field of Percussion, Vic Firth and Sandy Feldstein.

Created with a flexible concept that allows use in any teaching situation. Each book is a comprehensive individual teaching method. All books can be used in any combination for group instruction and combined percussion ensemble performance.

Throughout each instrument book, lessons will contain four sections:
1. A box in the upper left-hand corner to explain all new material that is being introduced.
2. A series of warm-up exercises that reinforce what is being taught.
3. An etude or study that utlilizes the new material combining it with what has already been learned.
4. A melody or familiar song.
A must have for your percussion teaching repertoire!!

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Snare Drum book PT-MU06-41 $7.95
Keyboard Percussion book PT-MU07-53 $7.95
Timpani book PT-MU08-45 $7.95
Accessory Percussion book PT-MU09-47 $7.95
Score PT-MU11-01 $24.95
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